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                                                                                      Let your SELF go

                                                                                      Remember your Potency 

                                                                                    Create your Possibilities


Empowering you to remember your potency and teaching you to pave the way to receiving more possibilities for your life. She has an amazing way of showing and teaching you that you are the Master Creator of your reality.


Over 200+ hours & 10+ years of experience healing, traveling and working with clients from all over the world! Helps clients to restore positive energy flow by connecting to their higher self and being the instrument for them to clear all limitations.


A Vibrational Artist who channels energy into her art with the intention of healing. Her ability to connect with a person's Higher Self and allow that Higher Self to guide her allows her to create truly unique paintings specific to who she is painting for. 


Over 30 years of experience as a writer, poet and author. Her writing is a physical expression of her life's journey and of the universal energy that flows through her! She recently published her first children's book, Miss Little Bea Sharp.  

My mission is... empower you to know yourself. To remember the potent and amazing being you truly are, to help you live more freely in the present, to let go of a past story that you have come attached to and most importantly to live more, love more, experience more and have fun!

Letting go of the SELF you believe yourself to be and remembering the potent being you truly are helps you to see and receive the millions of possibilities that are out there waiting for you! Imagine what you can create in your life if you let go of the energies that are keeping you tied to the past or the anxieties keeping you in a state of fear about the future.

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