Jess Rosen

Jess Rosen

Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Empowerment Coach and Creative Visionary

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It’s Time to Remember

We are living in the world, between worlds, within worlds, outside worlds, so light and bright — but they have been hidden — past conditioning always at the surface of our dreams, always lingering in expectation, always part of the reactions we have when we don’t even realize we are reacting to the first time we felt pain. We are too full, too conditioned to understand any other way of being. We are brainwashed into believing we always need more, if only I could do more, be more, have more, make more, sell more, take more, feel more, love more, — THEN I will be happy.

It’s a lie, a myth, an experiment in advertising, an experiment in consumerism, an experiment in greed — How can I get you to buy more, eat more, spend more? How can I get you to feel less than so you will fill those empty spaces with the MORE that you have been programmed to believe make you who you are? Walls of material excess we fill ourselves with so deep nothing else can penetrate through. We are so lost in the excrement we forget who we are.

Our potency comes in the form of being authentic, being true to who we are, being true to the love of God and nature and the angels and fairies that sing a song that we can’t hear, because our ears are clogged.

Our potency comes in the form of the beauty of life, nature, flowers bursting for us to view, the sun’s rays, rainbows after a rain that we can’t see because our eyes are blind.

Our potency comes in the form of the smell of sauce cooking on the stove on Sunday mornings in our childhood, of jasmine flower’s intoxicating perfume, of grass freshly mowed that we can’t smell because our nose is too deep in other people’s business.

Our potency comes in the form of the human touch, of silk that brushes our skin ever so gently, of tickles from a loved one that we can’t feel because our sense of touch has been hardened by the everyday realities of a conditioned life.

Our potency comes in the form of the taste of the ripest mango dripping juice all over ourselves on a hot and humid day, the salty bag of potato chips devoured in 5 minutes when I said I only want one! — The sugar coated candy we ate as children that we can’t taste because we have forgotten what the sweetness of life tastes like.

Our senses are a gift from God to be able to experience, through sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, this beautiful and unique place we call home. This amazing planet that offers us so much to enjoy, to explore, to experience, to revere, to honor. When did we forget? When did we lose gratitude for just having the chance to be alive, to thrive, to survive in such beauty?

It’s time to REMEMBER! It’s time to wake up out of the trance, It’s time to send all the past pain, hurt, conditioning away in a nicely contained package, thank it for the lesson and move on. It’s time to shed who we have been programmed to believe we are and TRANSFORM. Give birth to ideas that have been hidden so deep underneath all the chaos and give them a chance to see the light.

We are living in the world, between worlds, within worlds, outside worlds, so light and bright — but they have been hidden — But they need not be hidden anymore.