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Jess Rosen was born with a unique gift of Empathy, Clairsentience (the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of feeling), and Creativity. She is a Divine Conduit. Spirit/Source/God/Angels/Creative Energy/past loved ones work through her and she can call upon the Divine to help clear her clients. She is a master at helping people see the Root cause of their suffering and gently guides them to let go. She believes in the power of Empowering people, bringing them up, helping them ascend and vibrate at a high vibration. This can be achieved by clearing the heaviness of past conditioning.

Jess is an artist, published children’s book author and poet. Her motto is “I was Created to Create!” She allows herself to step out of the way and lets creative energy work through her. Her art has specific energies that act as healing tools. She has no formal training in art. She believes that she is merely the conduit for universal creative energy. She has been practicing Automatic Writing (writing produced without conscious intention as if of telepathic or spiritualistic origin.)since she was a teenager. Her children’s Book, Miss Little Bea Sharp won a 2018 FAPA award.

Jess loves to experience life. To see, hear, taste, touch, smell and completely indulge in her surroundings. Her thirst for knowledge and experience led her to travel around the world for 7 years. Her trust that God always has her back allowed her to leave at 19 with a backpack and $200, Working her way from Country to Country and allowing herself to go with the flow of life.

Being an Empath, Jess was always interested in Human behavior. Her journey to become a Spiritual Healer started very young with her ability to see and talk to her Uncle  (who passed years before she was born) when she was 2 years old. She read her first metaphysical book on reincarnation at age 12 and became interested in Quantum Physics not long after. She has studied many different healing modalities throughout the years and has become an expert in her field.

Jess’s Mission

“My mission is to empower you to know yourself. To remember the potent and amazing being you truly are, to help you to live more freely in the present, to let go of a past story that you have come attached to and to live more, love more, experience more and have fun! Letting go of the SELF you believe to be and remembering the potent being you truly are helps you to see and receive the millions of possibilities that are out there waiting for you! Imagine what you can create in your life if you let go of the energies that are keeping you tied to the past or the anxieties keeping you in a state of fear about the future.”

She offers one-on-one sessions in person or over the phone. In these sessions she connects to your higher self, the aspect of you that knows everything about every step of your journey. Together, with Spirit, she works to erase many years of conditioning. By clearing the past, by eliminating energies that are blocking you from receiving all the possibilities in the universe you can begin to create a new and amazing reality.

Enjoy the Journey!

Jess’s Training Background:

  • 200+ Hours Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation) Certification
  • Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner
  • Spiritual Restructuring Practitioner
  • Master Instructor in Integrative Energy Therapy
  • Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator
  • Bachelors Degree in Alternative Medicine
  • Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church