I wrote and dedicate this poem to the beauty and strength of all women

I am a white rose imbedded within the fertile soil of a different generation.

I stand out amongst nature’s palette,

absorbing all color and all energy around me

and I shine like the first star on a lonely night.

-I am feminine and masculine eternal –

I am one solid entity that can not be changed or transformed by the power of your will.

I am not the melting wax on your candle — slowly burning all my light until I become absorbed of all memory.

I will not wither and die on your command.

Think of me as a root, still standing after the tests of time. Still bringing life and love to those around me, even when they have decided to end things sacred and profound.

Think of me as the eternal mother, nurturing and caressing her young, allowing them freedom of thought and showing them emotion not yet taught in the drudgery of everyday life.

I am a woman, standing tall and proud, surrounded by maternal bliss and wise intuition.

Do not question my motivation.

Do not step on my toes concealing my beauty and innate intelligence from the outside world.

Because I am a woman, strong and proud, the mother of humankind,

and without me

There would be

-no light-