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Lost in Nature’s Trance

I remember escaping to a beautiful park in London called Osterley Park many years ago. My body and mind needed a break from the reality I was swimming in. Nature has an amazing way of grounding our energy, of bringing us “back to Earth” and reminding us of the beauty that exists when we take […]

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Dear God, it’s me, can you hear me?

(a little poem I wrote today to remind us that we are never alone) My child, It’s God, I come to you with signs, much better than words and yet more divine. The blue butterfly you saw today while driving in your car, that was me, whispering “I’m always with you, I am never far.” […]

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Who’s Reality are you Living?

“Nothing external to me has any power over me” ~ Walt Whitman Here’s a little poem I wrote to remind us to stop creating from the ideas and belief systems pressed upon us from other people’s realities. Stop buying into it and selling it as if it belongs to you. You are way more powerful […]

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For the Love of Bodies

IMPERFECT TO YOUR EYES I am lost in a world of silicon impressionists. Artists form beauty with sharpened knives. Foreign objects injected in the body, A rape of humankind. Why change true beauty for society’s sake? The marks on my body took years to create, and they’re mine, not cloned or copied from perfect lines. […]

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