FREE Chakra Balancing & Teaching Series

Know, Understand, and Balance Your Chakras For Improved Energy, Wellbeing & Happiness

This is a weekly introduction to the 7 Chakras with a bonus yoga routine that stimulates the Chakras. Each week I will be sending you information about a specific Chakra, including a written meditation to help keep it balanced.

In This Free 7-Part Email Series, you’ll discover how keeping the chakras balanced helps keep the physical, emotional and mental bodies healthy and balanced.

Balancing your Chakras:

  • Makes it is easier to release non-supportive patterns so you can more easily create the reality you desire
  • Helps you to live more in the present moment
  • Allows you to access your untapped inner wisdom


Get Weekly Tips On Energy Clearing & Chakra Balancing From Energy Healer & Artist Jess Rosen

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