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Energy Healing Sessions

Every experience you've ever had has been recorded in your sub-conscious mind. Everything you are experiencing in life is an energetic match. Your experiences are your road map – are you on or off course? What's working? What's not working? What comes easy to you? What's difficult? These are the speed bumps that tell you where you need to look to heal. Do you have something that keeps happening to you over and over again? Some type of underlying pattern? Do you feel blocked to receiving wealth, health, peace or joy in your life? 

Do you judge yourself too harshly? Do you judge others? 

Judgments create limitation. Nothing good ever comes out of judgement. It shuts the flow of energy down and cuts off awareness of possibilities. You often hear, think outside the box, but I am here to tell you that there is no box, only the walls that you build around you. Don't build a wall of bricks around you. Each brick is a time that you have judged yourself or others and your attachment to that judgement is the mortar. These bricks must come tumbling down in order to be able to receive from the Universe around us.

Though various techniques I have studied throughout the years and with the gifts I have received, I can gently guide you, with the help of your Higher Self and Spirit, to discover what it is that is holding you back. I can help remove negative energies, help clear destructive blocks, remove trapped emotions that can create pain in the body, and help you live a more expansive and free present!  

The present is all we have. We are constantly creating from how we feel in the present moment. How much time do you spend worrying about a future reality? Well, this might sound unbelievable to some of you but there is no future. There are only a string of present moments and from these present moments we attract the next present moment. If in the present moment you are functioning from fear or worry you are going to continuously attract that energy. Start by having gratitude for what you have now. If you are feeling fear, acknowledge that there is fear in your body. Become aware of this fear but do not own this fear. Do not claim I am afraid. Do not lock it into your body. Say, there is fear inside of me. By becoming aware that this fear is not you, it begins to diminish. Becoming aware is the key. You do not want to pretend like it isn't there and suppress it either. It is ok to have fear but it is not ok to BE fear. 

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I offer one on one sessions over the phone or Skype. In these sessions I connect to your higher self, the aspect of you that knows everything about every step of your journey, and together with Spirit we work to erase thousands of years of conditioning. By clearing the past, by eliminating energies that are blocking you from receiving all the possibilities in the universe you can begin to create a new and amazing reality.