“Jessica has been the best thing that has happened to me. Jessica is an expert in healing my mind, body, and spirit. I worried about everything in my life and didn’t want to get up in the morning. She has changed that and brought me closer to God, family and friends. Where would I be without her? Thank you Jessica.”

-J. Colandrea❤️

I have known Jessica for many years. First of all as an artist her ability to capture healing visually is remarkable. I have use one of her pieces while I work with clients. I have them focus on the image during my session with them and have found faster results in the healing process. Just like your family photo’s remind you of special events to relive, Jessica’s art can transform you by rewiring your neurology using your body own memory to heal it’s self. I know of other artists that use art and transform spaces for example in hospitals. From the inside out. I would highly recommend her for a personal commissioned piece to hold a purposeful space for what is meaningful in your life.

Speaking to her ability to hold a healing space. Jessica can quickly identify what is at the heart of the matter. Her ability to identify root causes and quickly examine what is blocking one’s progress. As she says “ Its simple, remove their core issue and the body corrects its self.” Jessica’s knowledge of medicinal plants to me seems vast. She has a homeopathic recipe for what ever your body is in need of. She reminds me that strengthening the immune system is the first step in healing physiological concerns.

Healthy thoughts transform your DNA. Jessica in her coaching helps identify self limiting and harmful vocabulary from one’s thinking. Changing how one references life events through perception and practice sets her apart as a life coach. Jessica’s ability to convey what I am feeling and empathize by using her intuition and wisdom helps me find words and clarity to events I am facing. Often times her observations open avenues of expression I have not considered to investigate. Her guided meditations show me how to live from a quiet place of reassurance, peace and harmony with life events. Being around Jessica is empowering. She comes along side and encourages the steps I take. Jessica is a go to person in her field and I seek out her for advice and example. It is rewarding to work with her and support her vision, passion and creative approach to divides in community. She draws from multiple healing modalities and her thoughtful response to where a group is struggling closes gaps in communication and cooperation. This creates a feeling of synergy and stability while navigating uncharted territory.”

Thank you Jessica I look forward to collaborating with you in more projects to come. Feel free to contact me directly for specific questions:

Sean Allison



Chaplain, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher.

If you are serious about changing something in your life then make an appointment with Jess. She is serious about helping her clients move beyond anything that is holding them back. She is a gifted, compassionate, authentic, no-nonsense healer. She will get to the root cause and support you in clearing it. If you desire to create a new reality for you and your life she is the coach to reach out to.”

-L. Kochanik

“I have been going through many  changes in my life the past five years.   My husband of 25 years passed away unexpected, I had five other family member also pass away and my job for the past five year was fazed out.  This left me questioning so many things in my life and where to start all over again.  I was having a difficult time adjusting to my new life.   I friend of mine suggested I see Jessica.

I went to see Jessica for a Spiritual Response Therapy Session.  After talking to Jessica and completing my Session, a day later,  I felt a complete shift in my life.  I felt a release in my mind and my Spiritual Physical Body.  Jessica has a beautiful Spirit and is very knowledgeable, caring and loving in her field. “

– Jo Wilson

“I knew when I first started these sessions  that you really knew your stuff. I had been to sleep clinics, I had taken meds, seen a neurologist. Oh and of course, acupuncture for which I spent a fortune on and it did no good. Your method of teaching me how to be a whole person..embracing the “now.” teaching me how to say goodbye to negative thought, I thank you so much. I am a more appreciative, relaxed person thanks to you.

– Mike Moschel

“Jessica is very knowledgeable and an expert healer. I went to her with many physical and spiritual issues. She was able to steer me in the right direction as to what I need to do and eat to overcome my biggest problem, being over weight. She also helped me understand why I have such issues and she was able to identify them and unblock them to promote the natural healing of my body. I was sceptical at first, but it definitely worked and I have made dramatic improvements in my health.  I highly recommend her!”

– J. Baratta

“I met Jessica Rosen a few years ago, and soon after we met I was going through a transitional time in my life.  I felt very confused and shrouded with self doubt having to do with past relationships and what path I was going to take in life.  I was carrying around a lot of weight on my shoulders and speaking to Jessica really helped me. I had never experienced healing work and its profound effect it can have, but soon after she worked on me it seemed that my stormy clouds cleared. I really believe that her work helped clear the negativity out of my life. Each time she did healing work on me I would continue to feel more positive.  I reached a place in my life where I was happy each morning when I woke up and I felt satisfied living my day to day.  I could tackle anything that would come my way.  I started to feel free of burden and self doubt and overall felt clearer and happier.  After this time my heart was open and I ended up meeting my husband.  I really feel that Jess helped me into the open and free place that I needed to be in order to allow him into my heart.  Jess is an amazing listener, healer, and will make you feel the positivity that one needs in order to carry out a happy and loving life.”

– K. Shane

“My name is Amy Reyes and I currently reside in Key West Florida, this is where I first met Miss Jessica Rosen. I knew right away she was something special.

Since I was 6 years old I have walked through my entire life so far with a heavy heart. I lost my father in a car accident two weeks before my 7th birthday, and just 13 years later I experienced something no mother should ever have to endure, I lost my 6 month old precious baby girl. I was not one of those lucky people who just seemed to walk through life so easily. I’ve lost a lot and with every loss a piece of me went with them.

I’ve always felt my father by myside especially in my darkest moments, but I’ve always had unanswered questions and I’ve always had a hard time communicating with him. I’ve known I had a connection with the other world, but never did I know how deep it actually went until I spent that one night with Jessica. Also the guilt I carried around with me after losing my daughter was ripping me apart on the inside, and she seen right through me.

As Jessica and I became close I learned about her true beauty. From her amazing artwork, talent and true dedication to changing people’s lives. At this time I was going through a lot of difficult situations and issues that were weighing really heavy. Jessica knew this, at times even with hiding my emotions (which I am really good at) she would know and would say “how are you really Amy?” and she always knew the right words to say. How to comfort me, and ways to deal with what I was going through. At one point I was completely lost more than I had ever been and Jessica offered to do a healing session with me and I of course not only wanted it, I needed it! What happened that day changed my life forever! It changed me! I cannot even describe in words the feelings and emotions, the unanswered questions, the weight I carried and most of all what she opened up inside me. I am so great full and honored and truly so thankful for what she did for me that day. I’ve always knew I was special. Everyone is in their own way, but all the emotions and weight I carried blocked me from seeing the real me. All along I could have answered my own questions, cleared my own guilt, but it took her to clear me and help me. There are no words for what happened that day. What I seen, what I felt and the things she knew that she just couldn’t possibly have known.

Miss Jessica Rosen is going to change the world one day, she already has, noone knows it yet. She is truly special and her gift, her work is 100% authentic. I am living proof of it! And she is not only an amazing talented artist and designer and a true spiritual healer. She is most of all an amazing person! She cares for all creatures in this world, Human and far beyond what most people can see.

Jessica Rosen changes lives! She creates freedom within yourself! She gives this world full of darkness hope, she is the light! I believe in her, I trust her with my soul. She gave me hope, she gave me my life back. Something I thought wasn’t even possible. I was completely lost and she showed me how to find myself. Jessica opened me up to a world I never knew and that is the greatest gift anyone could ever give. Forever I am thankful and forever in debt to her. She will not only just heal you, but she will be your greatest friend, even in life after death.”

– Amy Reyes

“Jess Rosen is by far the most enlightened person I have ever met. Her education and knowledge are endless. She uses the lessons she has learned to improve lives. Jess has a way of making you think critically, that allows you to see your life situations in a completely different light. She has always been a voice of reason and a calming force to me. Recently, I did an energy healing session with Jess and I was blown away. She explained parts of me that I never had words for. As she had described after my session, I was tired and emotional- and surprisingly also had physical symptoms. Just as expected, when my session was fully integrated, my symptoms stopped- but my mind was clear. I felt more effective at work and at home. Things were finally happening for me the way I wanted them to. Jess has helped me open myself up to the opportunities and possibilities that I had been keeping closed. I can’t thank her enough for the help to pave my own path” – A. De Azevedo

“Amazing Woman!! It truly was a blessing to meet you and so enjoyed the time you spent with me! Truly grateful for your guidance.”

– D. Stalnaker

Jess did a remote healing session with me, and it was truly a powerful and transformational experience. She clearly has a strong connection to people’s energy and even to the spirit realm! Since this was my first ever energy healing session, I really didn’t know what to expect. But every step of the process she was able pinpoint very specific details about me and my past, and identify the exact energetic blockages in me and even where they came from. Then through her clearing process I could literally feel energetic shifts happening within me as the negative “baggage” from my past dissolved and fell away. Needless to say, I feel grateful and blessed to have met Jess, and I look forward to receiving more energy work from her in the future 

– Nash Ryker

I have been receiving SRT therapy healings from Jessica Rosen over the past 5 years, both long distance healings and in-person healings.  After losing both my husband and brother to cancer, I was having difficulty accepting their deaths and had a hard time moving forward without them.  Jessica did an emergent long distance SRT healing on me and my mood improved immediately. In addition, after a few in-person healings, Jessica taught me that my husband and brother were always watching over me as guardian angels.  In November 2016, Jessica performed an Access Bars healing on me and my right knee has been normal ever since.  You see, my right knee was so stiff such that I was unable to walk stairs, and could only walk small distances without taking rests.  And, I had to take Aleve on a daily basis to even move my knee.  Since that healing with Jessica, I haven’t taken Aleve (or any medication), and am able to walk stairs, walk normal distances, and am able to get on the floor to play with my granddaughter. Jessica Rosen is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of energy healings and holistic medicine.  She is also compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental, and loves to teach others.  Don’t waste one more minute, contact Jessica Rosen now.

– D. Rao