(a little poem I wrote today to remind us that we are never alone)

My child, It’s God, I come to you with signs,

much better than words and yet more divine.

The blue butterfly you saw today while driving in your car,

that was me, whispering “I’m always with you, I am never far.”

I am the bright red cardinal that landed in your tree.

I am the bottle nosed dolphin swimming in the sea.

I am the colorful rainbow after a summer’s rain.

I am the full belly laugh that takes away your pain.

I am the ray of sunshine warming you from above.

I am the soft breeze blowing and caressing you with love.

I am the tear drop kisses running down your face.

I am every single shining star you see in outer space.

I am the beauty you witness on this planet, Mother Earth.

I am the bond between mother and child from birth.

I am always near you whispering gently in your ear.

Please pay attention to the signs sent to you, my dear!

You will always find me with you, never shall I hide.

My child, please remember, I am always by your side.