I remember escaping to a beautiful park in London called Osterley Park many years ago. My body and mind needed a break from the reality I was swimming in. Nature has an amazing way of grounding our energy, of bringing us “back to Earth” and reminding us of the beauty that exists when we take a minute to just sit back and receive it. I wrote this poem while sitting in that park that day and I dedicate this poem to the beauty of Mother Earth and all the things she has taught me over the years:

To sit and think in beauty’s cage,

while wind gently passes through.

To hear the birds sing their praise,

as the sun escapes eternal blue.

To witness leaves fall on nurtured soil

and the moon enter in sweet surprise.

Never lost in a moment’s toil,

nor hindered by lost alibis.

and the bees hum their favorite songs

Striking fear in those they seek.

and the flies pester everyone

Not their sting but their physique.

and time does not exist with beauty,

as other details do.

It is only nature’s duty

to see beauty through.

and I wish to stay in nature’s trance,

not distracted by the day.

I treasure life when I get the chance

to think more than I say.

and I will return to life once more,

taking with me beauty’s depth,

and enter before reality’s door,

Inhaling my own breath.